Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance?

So Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance Available?

Last week I had an accident in my automobile. Nothing too serious and I’m not hurt or anything, but the car is totalled. It’s a complete wreck and there’s nothing they can do at the shop to repair it back into working order.

I’ve had a few car accidents before. If you drive for a long enough time they’re bound to happen eventually. Some of them were my fault and were caused by silly mistakes but other accidents have been caused by the stupidity and negligence of the other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, this time it was the former.

I was driving home after a long, long double-shift and to be honest, I was tired and exhausted before I even started work. Even with gallons of coffee in my system I could still feel my eyes closing and flickering as I drove home in the dark. It’s a miracle that no-one was killed or even hurt. I’m lucky to be alive and I definitely won’t be doing that again. Work is important but not at the expense of my health and well-being.

Regardless, I am physically fine. The big issue is the insurance. Like most, I’m sure, I didn’t really bother reading the fine print of my contract and have now found myself having to pay pretty much all the bills out of my own pocket. My insurance company ain’t paying a thing. No replacement car or help in any way. Though again, it is my fault. I should’ve been more diligent when checking my agreement and more careful with my driving.

I won’t be renewing with this company, that’s for sure. But I do have to get some auto insurance again. Now I’m struggling with where to find the cheapest auto insurance. As much as I’d like to be able to pay big to get big coverage, my finances just don’t allow for it at the moment. Especially with all my current savings going towards a new car. I need cheap insurance but obviously I won’t be settling for almost zero coverage like before. The insurance I had in case you’re wondering was the cheap no deposit car insurance. It was cheap, but the coverage was obviously not good. So getting very cheap car insurance no deposit is not an option this time. But where do I look to find the cheapest auto insurance with actual helpful coverage? I’ve heard you can find cheap full coverage auto insurance, but I’m not having any luck finding it on my regular quotes site like: https://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/ near cheap. Any suggestions?